All polymeric materials undergo reactions with oxygen. Oxidation occurs due to thermal processes at usually elevated temperatures or with the assistance of light (UV). Oxidation causes discoloration, loss in gloss or transparency, chalking, surface cracks or loss of mechanical properties. There are various means to retard thermal oxidation such as structural modifications of polymer, capping of end groups, orientation of polymer or by addition of stabilizing additives such as antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemical entities which retard oxidation and thus retard the aging of the polymer. Plastics are very different from each other as far as their inherent resistance to oxidation is concerned. Hence the selection and dosage of chemical antioxidants is critical for the overall success of the end product. Sidma Polymers offers various combinations of antioxidants for specific applications to provide optimal solutions. For further information, please contact or call at +91 9740063670