Process Aid

Melt fracture is a surface roughness on films, bottles, wire and cable, pipes or other extruded shapes, resulting from a slip/stick action of molten polymer exiting a die. It is more often seen with tougher resins such as LLDPE and HDPE. Process aids are highly efficient additives to improve the extrusion efficiency of thermoplastic resin by eliminating surface defects and increasing output. PPAs are used in processes such as blown film, cast film, blow molding, wire and cable jacketing, pipe and tube extrusion and extruded fiber processing. Significant benefits are demonstrated at very low levels of addition to wide range of resins. Product Benefits
  Eliminates melt fracture (shark skin)
  Improves film transparency
  Improves mechanical properties
  Reduces gel
Processing benefits
  Reduction in maintenance time/down time
  Reduction of die buildup
  Consistency of production
  Low energy consumption
  Reduction of cycle times
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