Flame Retardant

Flame retardant additives are essential safety materials used in transportation, building, appliances and electronic industries to prevent human injury or death and to protect property from fire damage. Flame retardant additive reduces ease of ignition, smoke generation and rate of burn of plastics. Flame retardants can be organic or inorganic in composition and typically consists of halogens, phosphorous, antimony or aluminum materials. The additives are classified as either char formers, heat absorbers, flame quenchers or synergists. Flame retardants are used at loading levels from a few percent to more than 60%, leading to degradation of the inherent physical properties of the resin. The selection of flame retardant additives depends on both physical and economical suitability of the resin system and intended application. For optimal solutions for your applications, please contact or call at +91 9740063670