Slip Concentrates

Slip additives are used to reduce the coefficient of friction to the surface of the finished product. They help in speeding up the production process and ensure quality of the final product. Slip agents are used in applications where surface lubrication is desired, either during or immediately after processing. The major types of slip additives include
   Fatty acid amides
   Fatty acid esters
   Metallic stearates
Slip additives are effective when they bloom on to the surface. Different slip additives have different rate of bloom. The shorter chain length amides (widely used slip additive) bloom to the surface more rapidly however they are less thermally stable. Permanent slip additives does not change COF over time, are non-migratory, very effective mold release for blow molded bottles. We at Sidma Polymers make all kinds of slip masterbatch. For specific recommendations for your applications, please contact or call at +91 9740063670